Universal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (2024)

Universal Studios Hollywood hours can fluctuate throughout the year but typically follow a similar pattern depending on the season. Universal Hollywood only releases their hours about a month in advance which can leave guests wondering when Universal will open and close for the day on their visit.

Keep reading for our full Universal Studios Hollywood hours analysis along with common frequently asked questions surrounding when Universal Studios Hollywood opens and closes. Plus, our full list of when Universal Studios Hollywood will likely open and close based on historical park hours. And how to access Super Nintendo World before park opening!

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How to Check Universal Studios Hollywood Park HoursUniversal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (1)

Universal Studios Hollywood only releases their hours about a month in advance on the Universal website. Because of this short time frame we have projections on hours based on historical data from previous years.

But usually, only the opening and closing times will be posted and the entertainment schedule will only be available on the Universal Studios Hollywood app.

Universal Studios Hollywood hours will change throughout the year depending on the season, anticipated crowd levels, and this also impacts what type of entertainment is offered and how often.

What Time Does Universal Studios Hollywood Open?Universal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (2)

Universal Studios Hollywood opening schedule fluctuates throughout the year. During less crowded times of the year the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park will open later in the morning with busier times of the year offering earlier opening times.

Here is a breakdown of the typical Universal Studios Hollywood opening hours you can expect:

  • 8AM – peak travel days, weekends
  • 9AM – most times of the year, weekends
  • 10AM – slow times of the year, weekdays

During the majority of the year, you can expect to see Universal Studios Hollywood open at 9AM. Although some peak travel times will also see longer hours, more on this below!

This has been the pattern since Super Nintendo World has opened which is now offered for Early Entry.

Super Nintendo World Early AccessUniversal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (3)

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is the number one draw in the entire park at the moment. This land has been increasingly popular since it opened and the demand is high for the experiences in the land. It's not uncommon to see Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge (the main e-ticket attraction in the land) to reach wait times of over two hours, even three hours during peak times of the year.

Not only is the attraction a huge draw, the restaurant inside the land is also popular along with all the Super Nintendo immersive game experiences. This is all what makes early access for Super Nintendo World so appealing.

Universal Studios Hollywood is currently offering tickets (purchased separately before regular park admission) to enter Super Nintendo World an hour before the park officially opens.

This might be one of the best ways to access Super Nintendo World right now. Super Nintendo World Early Access Ticket is an add-on option to your existing Universal Hollywood ticket. The ticket includes early access to Super Nintendo for one hour prior to the scheduled park opening time. So if Universal Studios Hollywood opens at 8AM, your early access ticket for Super Nintendo World will be from 7AM-8AM.

The ticket also includes one-time express line access to the Studio Tour until 11AM. The price for a ticket is around $20-30 per person.

See more on Universal Studios Hollywood ticket prices here.

Discount Universal Studios Hollywood TicketsUniversal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (4)

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Buying tickets from Get Away Today is easy and convenient since all their tickets are sent electronically. You can take their vouchers and head straight to the gate without needing to wait in any ticket booth lines. They also offer layaway plans so you can pay off your vacation over time.

Can You Enter Universal Studios Hollywood Before it Opens?Universal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (5)

Technically, all guests will get the opportunity to enter Universal Studios Hollywood before the park opens. Universal will typically start scanning tickets and allowing guests to enter the gates about 30 minutes prior to park opening.

You won't be able to access the attractions until the park officially opens but this does give you a head start at positioning yourself near the areas you want to explore first. You can see our full guide to Universal Hollywood parking to look ahead at the options that are available if you are driving there.

The only other method to entering Universal Studios Hollywood before park opening is to purchase a Super Nintendo World early access ticket.

There is no early entry associated with hotels since Universal Studios Hollywood is much smaller in size than Universal Orlando and does not have its own official hotels on site.

When Does Universal Studios Hollywood Close?Universal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (6)

Universal Studios Hollywood follows a similar pattern with closing hours like it does for opening hours. The busier the park day, the later the parks will remain open. The earliest that Universal Studios Hollywood will close is 6PM and the latest it will stay open is 10PM with the exception of Halloween Horror Nights which are a late night ticketed event.

Here is a breakdown of the typical Universal Studios Hollywood closing hours you can expect:

  • 6PM, 7PM – slow times of the year, weekdays
  • 8PM, 9PM – most times of the year, weekends
  • 10PM – busiest times of the year, weekends

This pattern of longer Universal Studios Hollywood hours happens most often during these times of the year:

  • the first week of January
  • Martin Luther King Jr holiday weekend, January
  • Presidents Day weekend, February
  • March
  • April
  • June through mid-August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

These times of the year reflect some of the busiest times at Universal Studios Hollywood including the Halloween and Christmas season, summer, and spring break. You will also see holidays extended during three-day weekends (think Presidents Day, Memorial Day, etc.) as Universal Studios Hollywood will anticipate more crowds during those times of the year.

Can You Stay at Universal Studios Hollywood After Park Closing?

When Universal Studios Hollywood officially closes for the night, the stores will remain open for an additional hour for guests to do their shopping. So you technically can stay inside the park for up to an hour after the official closing time. This is pretty typical of most theme parks as they want guests to spend their time in the stores before leaving the parks for the night.

As for attractions, as long as you are in line for a ride before the park closes then you will be able to experience the attraction. For example, if Harry Potter Forbidden Journey has a wait of 60 minutes and the park closes at 10PM you will need to get in line before that time. Even if you hop in line at 9:59PM you will be able to ride! This is why it's a good strategy to save those longer lines right before the park closes so that time spent in line is when the park is closed for the day anyways.

Universal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (7)

When Does Universal Studios Hollywood Close During the Off-Season?

Universal Studios Hollywood can close as early as 6PM for the off-season which is often considered weekdays in less busier months like January and February.

Even during peak times of the year, Universal Studios Hollywood will always close earlier on weekdays than on weekends. So if you want to enjoy the parks late into the night, visiting on a weekend is your best bet.

When Does Universal Studios Hollywood Close for Special Events?

Universal Studios Hollywood may close early on nights that Halloween Horror Nights are being held. This is easily one of the most popular events in the area for Halloween and draws large crowds.

Halloween Horror Nights often officially starts at 7PM and on those nights Universal Studios will usually close at 5PM as the park begins to transform into Halloween Horror Nights. If you do not have a ticket to Halloween Horror Nights you will have to leave the parks as it closes for the event.

Universal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (8) Universal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (9)

Does Universal Studios Hollywood Close for Rain?

Universal Studios Hollywood does not close for the rain except for in extreme circ*mstances. Theme parks often continue to run in all weather conditions with the rare exceptions of extreme weather.

Some outdoor rides may close during periods of rain and will often reopen once the rain passes. Luckily, the majority of the rides at Universal Studios Hollywood are indoor so this won't impact too many attractions.

When is Universal Studios Hollywood Early Entry?

The only Universal Studios Hollywood early entry offered is the ticket access for Super Nintendo World. This usually takes place one hour before the park officially opens and allows access to only Super Nintendo World.

Is Universal Studios Hollywood Closed on Thanksgiving?

No, Universal Studios Hollywood is open year round including Thanksgiving. You can expect large crowds for Universal on holidays even ones like Thanksgiving. This is an ideal time to plan on purchasing Express Pass.

Universal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (10)

Is Universal Studios Hollywood Closed on Christmas?

No, Universal Studios Hollywood is always open for Christmas and Christmas Eve! This is one of the busiest days of the entire year to be at Universal Studios Hollywood! This is a must to purchase Express Pass to avoid all the long lines.

Is Universal Studios Hollywood Open on New Year's Eve?

Yes! This is often known as being the busiest day of the year at Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal Studios Hollywood will usually stay open late with a large celebration taking place until midnight with DJs, food, and drinks. This is a popular event among locals and you can expect large crowds to come out to celebrate.

Universal Studios Hollywood Hours FAQ 2024

Why does Universal close so early?

Universal Studios Hollywood is also a working tv studio along with a theme park so this may have something to do with it. Universal also knows what the demand is for the parks. On the days that Universal Studios Hollywood closes early, these days also often coordinate with the least busy days of the year. On peak travel days, Universal Studios Hollywood is often open later to best serve more crowds.

Does Universal always close at 6?

No, Universal doesn't always close at 6. During the summer and holiday months Universal Studios Hollywood will stay open as late as 9PM.

Does Universal Studios Hollywood always let you in early?

Sometimes Universal Studios Hollywood would include early entry passes as part of vacation packages but now they mainly offer early entry as part of the special Super Nintendo World ticket.

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Universal Studios Hollywood Hours 2024 FAQ, Tips, & Expected Hours (2024)


How many hours is enough for Universal Studios Hollywood? ›

Most people would say 6-7 hours is the average time needed to see the best of Universal Studios, so pretty much one full day. You could certainly spend multiple days there seeing all the theme park has to offer but 6-7 hours should cover the main sights and experiences to get through that you are interested in.

How early should I arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood? ›

Arrive Ahead of Park Opening (or Purchase Early Access)

This is one of our top Universal Studios Hollywood tips! If you are at the park entrance 30 minutes early, you just might get in early (depending on the day). Not all attractions may be open, but it gives you a great head start on your day.

How to have the best time at Universal Studios Hollywood? ›

Get Multi-Day Tickets

Naturally, multi-day tickets are the best way to maximize your time at Universal Studios Hollywood™. They're especially important if you're traveling from out of state to the park, and don't have a return trip planned in the foreseeable future.

What day of the week is least crowded at Universal Studios Hollywood? ›

Weekdays are the least crowded at Universal Studios Hollywood with the least crowded days being Monday through Thursday.

How long are the lines at Universal Studios Hollywood? ›

Universal Studios Hollywood Typical Wait Times
7:45 PM31 minutes
7:50 PM30 minutes
7:55 PM30 minutes
8:00 PM29 minutes
153 more rows

What is the best day of the week to go to Universal Studios? ›

As you can guess if Saturday and Monday tend to be the busiest, Tuesday tends to be the best day to visit Universal Studios Orlando. We also find Thursday to be one of the least busy days of the week at Universal Studios, with Sunday being a great weekend option.

Can I bring a backpack to Universal Studios Hollywood? ›

Conditions Of Entry

All bags, backpacks, purses and packages are subject to X-ray and/or additional inspection prior to entering the theme park. Coolers, suitcases and bags with wheels are prohibited. We recommend you leave unnecessary articles in your car and secure valuables in your trunk.

What is the slowest month at Universal Studios Hollywood? ›

Our Overall Pick: The second half of August and early September (minus the days around Labor Day weekend) sees low crowds as the tadpoles hop back to school.

Is it worth getting early access to Universal Studios Hollywood? ›

The pass can help make your day much more enjoyable if you are visiting during a peak time. But if you purchase the Universal Studios Hollywood Express on a less busy day, you can save money. Even if you have Universal Express, you can still maximize time in the park.

How do you avoid long lines at Universal Studios Hollywood? ›

If you download the Official Universal Studios Hollywood™ App, you can use this as a location reminder.
  1. Use a locker. ...
  2. Get a Universal Express ticket. ...
  3. Download the app. ...
  4. Start with the busiest rides. ...
  5. Use the single rider line. ...
  6. Child switch for families. ...
  7. Upper and lower lots. ...
  8. Start with the lower lot.

How early should I get to Universal? ›

We always recommend to arrive at least 30-60 minutes before park opening or early park admission.

What time is universal the least busy? ›

Our Overall Pick: The first half of February, prior to Presidents Day, tends to see the lowest crowds. The first week of March is best if you're aiming for warmer weather before the spring break crowds arrive.

Is the Universal Express pass worth it? ›

The express passes cost a little more on busy days so if you are looking to save money, choose a day where express passes are less. Even at the full price on the busiest day, I think it is worth saving up a little longer to get the Express passes.

Why do Universal Studios close so early? ›

Universal Studios closes early because it prioritizes workers' well-being and work-life balance over profit. It's refreshing to see a company that values its employees. 7 months ago # Imbens QUOTE 0 Good 0 No Giod !

Can you finish Universal Studios in one day? ›

Whether it's native Angelenos or folks visiting SoCal, a trip to Universal is an incredible way to get the best of L.A. in one jam-packed day. So, instead of individually sending everyone I know a chaotic Notes App itinerary, I'm making my dream Universal Studios Hollywood itinerary an Official Article.

How long should I stay at Universal Studios? ›

Three days is ideal, particularly with a park-to-park pass, as it will allow you to fully explore each park and revisit your favorite attractions. A highlights tour of both parks can be done in one long day, but it would be tiring and you would miss many delightful smaller attractions.

How long is the Universal Studios Hollywood tour? ›

The duration is approximately 60 minutes. Is the Hollywood Sign part of the Studio Tour? Universal Studios Hollywood is debuting the first-ever original replica of the Hollywood Sign to be situated along the backlot, adjacent to the tram step off moment.

Is Universal Studios LA worth it? ›

Expensive, but worth it. Get the express tickets if you can. The studio tour was the highlight, although I was disappointed we didn't see any actual current filming. The rides are decent enough, although the lack of space means most are 3-D rather than traditional rollercoasters.


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