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8 THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1. 1901. and entered tho dwelling-house of William Pig- LAW REPORT. Stock Shares and Money.

arrived he noticed signs of drink about his wife, and I he spoke to her on thn subject almost daily. Mrs. when the following receipt was given by a clerk in the Treasury Department Received from Australian Gaslight Company the sum of 620 sterling Him tot en is mi. tne nronenv tn me Auntm- liau Gaslight Company. There was a second count of a Bilnildr, character ui wluch accused was charged vveuu asKcn mm to auow ner sutler to stay witti her.

At this time petitioner was abusive, and would throw ur rent on leases io. Jijt sad uuh. Awaitiug reference to the Lands Department. night on which he and Constable Burred were I respondent's house, after he had seen petitioner in tho yard, the latter accused respondent of assaulting! her, knocking her downstairs, and making her wipe up her own blood. Respondent said, Take no notice of her, she Witness replied, She is not drunk, but you are you have had more than is good for you to-night." To this the respondent THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31.

things at him at meal timet, strike at him, fight, with stcahni a tin. three iinives. a Kniie-nox, a Leases exnired." The matter wan fiuidlv ilulf clock, and Is ad, tho property tit w. tfggott. wr.

struggle, ana scream. Alter these outbursts she was repentant and would become affectionate, right up to tne last, when she was sober. Petitioner's sister went to stav with her about the eud of 1895. or j. u.

ingiis uppeareu ior ine ucienco. mo jury found accused not auiltv. and ho was discharged. ine uourt aujourneu to u.ou u.ui. iae mowing with in May, 1901, when the leue was refused by tho Lands Department on the ground that the power had passed to the Harbour Trust Com-roissioncrs.

That being the state of the case, he contended that even between private individuals the acceptance i of the money uuder tho circ*mstances stated would not create a tenancy, and. if that was answereu, i win admit that i met a friend and had rather too much. It is enough to drive a man to drink." Witness informed respondent that that uuy. beginuing of 1896. On the trip to New Zealand he did not illuse his wife, nor speak iu an offensive way YOU CAN BOltUOW MONEY AT UiWEST IUTEJ IK SYDNEY ON ALL fLAKUM OF SBCl'mrt ftxjtn thu AUSTRALIAN IXVJSTJUaaj COMPANY, IMd, a- BjM8jmijniBi.vWri LADY ADVANCES M0SI WOLFE'S SCHNAPPS.

I 8 ssssss.SiSasssssesssssssssssesssssssssssssssssss A PUEE SPIRIT. A SUEK TONIC, iu ner. iuey ieit tne ooat at raetDourno in oraer would not make things auy and advised him to leave his wife alone and let her go to her bed in LAW NOTICES. November 1. peace.

Petitioner said she was afraid to so to bed. that Mrs. Webb might visit her relations at Wagga, and this was arranged at Maitland before they left, Witness, after his sister-in-law 'a arrival in January, Tf rra List. Crown Canon Ilex v. Ctiaiinuui.

tame but she promised to do so if witness would mako her so, then fortiori it would not create a tenancy as against the Crown. Even if it had been an unconditional receipt there would have been no right in rutter and others. Demurrer; 1'odt'inon v. Sullivan. Special Cases In re Chariot lluzxard and another and tho btainp Dutiwi Act (the Cominuwioner of Slam, re purulent) in re II.

Thompson (appellant) and William Timmina (respondent) sad the Cruwn Lands 1S96, at Maitland, saw his wife, her eiater, and the servant drinking beer together in the kitchen. He remonstrated with his wife about it. und she told uusDanu promise not to interfere with net. ltespon-dent gavo tho promise, aud witness loft. After he got outside he met a young man named Normoyle, and spoke to him.

On several occasions at meht tho plaintiff company except to receivo back their inouey, Tho fact of a payment only raised a presumptiou of a new tenancy, but ull the circum SUPEEMT5 COURT IN BANCO. (Before the Chief Justice, Mr. Jnstice Owe-vand Mr. Justice Cohon.) equity appeal, The Australian QimliRht Company and Qn-lord v. Sydney Harbour Trust.

The Attorney -Uoaoral (Mr. Wise, K.C.L Mr. II, V. Owen, and Mr. Maogban, instructed by the Acting Crowu Solicitor, appeared tor the appellants (defendants and Mr.

POcher, Mr. Gordon wid Mr. Knox, inntructed bv Messrs. Alien, Allen, and Hemslcy, lor the respondents (plaintiUfl), This wan an appeal by the defendants tho Sydney Harbour Tnwt Commissioners oeainst the order of Mr. I Justice Walter, sitting in Equity, on September 24 last.

On September 17 an- application was made to Mr. Justice Walker on behalf of Itobort John Lukoy eeorctary of the Australian Gaalicl*t Company, and William Ilichard tiaiiiford, trading as Ciunpbell and Gainford, for the continuation of an interim injunction granted by his Honor on the (itlt instant restraining the defendant trust from in any way preventing, hindering, or interfering, or in Acts Him run v. WaJkn. him to mind bis own busiuess. This frequently happened.

The witness detailed several instances on when ho had been ou duty in the vicinity of the Before the frothonotary. Ia one, ex partel nouse tie nan nearu a woman crying, and a man duum. 11. lwdoreineunieiuicrit. iinuuuu nooura talking ui a narsb voice.

which be bad remonstrated with bis wife, and said she was on each occasion under the influence of drink. From 1836 this state of thimrs besan to mow AT IwrriVKI.Y vfiv Si. stances of the case must be looked ut aud when money was puid to a person who hud no power to grant a leatw, it could not be said that the commissioners were estopped from saying that the tenancy was not continued. The Gas Company had no interest iu the land on February 11, 1901, and he submitted that the Court could not say that the INTEKEST EYEIl IN SVJJSUiY. OT common, and about the end of that year he told his! NO FKES OU I'INES, Cross-examined by Mr.

Wade, the witness said he had never seen men about the house. Petitioner was in a wrapper or nightgown on tho night iu question. She was crying, and had a blood smear on her right cheek. Iteanuiidcut asker! witnmM in tnkn th mun. wuu ene woma nave to sena uer sisier away.

Mra, Webb refused. That night petitioner, her sister, and the servaut wero drinking in tho yard, and wit Ur. BALPH. tan Pitt-Mreot. tans, j.

MYIZK CliKMlSTj fmymuni oi iius money in tue way stated created any iccase to occupy and was an interest in the Mills, Limited, v. Azar, 10.30. a Equity. Before his Honor the Chief Judge In Equitv. At 10 a.m..

Motions Generally Buepuerd v. The Per-, pctual Trustee Company, Limited. Rumraooa for appointment of guardian uii litem Reeve and others v. Wentworth and otheis, motion for decree Knox v. U'Lean, originating HiniunooH re will of James Hotter-wood.

Kiiiuuioan fur payment out Bishop of ltiverina v. Campbell, motion for decree by consent Vincent and another v. Topfer sud olhero, originating ummou5 re will of J. Pantaley (deeeosed) aud Conveyancing Act, Bammnn to aioeaa order Uayoe and others v. Taylor and Knottier, motion for decree Parker v.

Wright, motion for decree William v. summons for Hubstituted wrvioe Jenkins v. PuUeioe, summons for direction as to service. land. Mr.

Pitcher, on the other side, said that the Gas Full Nourishment, partly predigestod. Sterilized. HOLILICK'S MALTED MILK, PDEE MILK COMBINED WITH WHEAT AND BARLEY MALT. Company received from the Crown un unqualified demand in respect of land formerly occupied under ness, who had gone to bed, told his uister-in- law sho wo uld have to go. She left ou the following day.

Petitioner afterwards begged that her sister might be allowed to come back, and witness allowed her to do so early in 1897. There was then no difference in his wife's conduct. About July, 1897, petitioner went to Melbourne, aud a fortnight later, from tome-thintr he had heard, ho weut over there also, staving any way attempting to prevent, hinder, or interfere intosh (whicli he had in the room) away with him, but he declined. He afterwards saw the macintosh in the Kssession of Normoyle, its owner. One of Witness's sous worked a few weeks for respondent as a groom, but bo did not recollect whether the young man left of his own accord or not.

He wan under the impression that his son was not discharged. First-class Constable Burrell, ttatioued at West ADVANCES ON ANY REASONABLE SECUniTY AT THE OLD-ESTABLISHE1) OFHCES ccruuu teases, in oueuience to tnatuomauu tne com wiw me uisciiaro on to me piauitiil company's wharfs of coal slupped or to be shipped from Newcastle, and from nrevcntinir or uttemnfcmiT nr. pany paid the money into tho Treasury. What was the meauine of the Treasury receipt was this, 1IS-I20 MABKETTREET, coratr vent the owners, mxsters, or officers of steamers Master's Office. At 10 a.m.

Company snd Lunacy mat two days and then returning to Maitland. Petitioner! Maitland, also gave evidence. He said that that the Treasury had no knowledge of the Lands Department or what it was doing, but for the pur- Ease of allowing tho matter to be dealt with by tho ands Department the Treasury clerk nut at the returned about a week later, and two days afterwards she used very insulting language towards him. ters. At 2 p.m.

Wunlea v. Monaghan, to settle minutes of older; Broken II ill Proprietary Block HCorapaay, Limited, v. the Municijxd District of Broken Hill, to nettle minute of order I'rior v. Prior, to settle minutes carrying sucn coal ironi mooring the vcssols at the wharfs for the discluirge of the coat It was now prayed that this iujunctiou might bo continued until tho heariiifr of the suit. on the night spoKen or by the previous witness he saw petitioner standiug on the footpath, wearing a macintosh.

She was winintr blood from her face. BTABTLLNO JtEBUCTIONS IN IXTEEEST. Absolutely no Vets or l-'ioes. Daily.SloS. 6(09 In 1898 witness went ou a trip to England, and THE BEST FOOD FOR INFANTS AND INVALIDS IN ALL CLIMATES, end of tho receipt Awaiting reference to the Lands Before witness went to the place he saw James of order.

Hcioro tho Deputy ltegmtrar, At a.m.: Blue and others v. Blue and others, to Ux casta. At 2 p.m. Ex parte tho Perpetual Trustee Company and L. Act.

to tax oonts. offered to take hie wifo with him, but she declined to go on the ground that she was afraid of the sea. She promised uot to take any drink, and he left her normoYie, a man nameu unminouu. antl several department, tue lease nariiig expired." Mr. Justice Cohen It strikes me that- having given AltTUUR ELWYS.

others nu the opposite side of the street Witness stayed at tho gate until Senior-constable Dunshea and Constable M'Leau came un. He snoke to them Probnte Jurisdiction. Before tho Probnte Judire. A1 such a receipt, tucre must uavo oceu somcming within the knowledge of the officer of the Treasury. The statement of claim set out thafc the plaintiff company was possessed of certain lands und wharfs at Keut-Btreut, Sydney, nnd at Mortlake, und that ou September 4 of the present year thn defendants had prevented the steamer Brunncr from being unloaded at the Gas Company Works at Sydney, aud the steamer Timam at Mortlake.

It IN POWDER FORM. The witness's evidence had uot concluded at 4 motions ior pruonie una RuniinisirauoiM, motions to pass uccouuUt aud for commuiuuus, motions to sell real rotate, miscellaneous motions. Before the Deputy Keviu-trar. To pats accounts Francis Owen, 10.45 ilium o'clock, and the further heariug of the case was adjourned until the following day. "yyE ADVANCE MONEY aud thoy went into the yard, whither Mrs.

Webb hail previously gone. Respondent came out at the side gate and usked them to go Inside. They did so. The wituess gvo an account of the conversation in was therefore prayed that the defendant LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD, KEEPS INDEFINITELY. OF ALL CHEMISTS AND STORES.

trust nngltl do prevented from so doing. In uugnn, ii .10 an o. ujne, 11.19 Aiivnuei nnuvey, Daniel H. Adams, 12.J0. Before the Registrar.

At 2.15 H. J. Skinner, to tax coats. Chamber Lint. At 9.90 a.m.

North and mother v. Kerry, IN BANKRUPTCY. (Before the Registrar, Mr. A. Henry.) EXAMINATION UNDER SECTION 30.

support or the motion, several UuUuvits wero read, atd that bv itobert John Luketv set out. tiftm to. ui kci. usiuti uiuci nenm; inu tuiomcr TT-illnran nnd unnlfior. furMyvts I ho Anutmlfnn Hal I ore and another, far oo.stx the Australian Mcirein.

me tuning room. it corroborated that given by the last wituess. He also said that he believed petitioner hud a shawl thrown over her when she went into the dining room. When on duty at night witness had previously heard a woman screaming and' a man's ferriug to the demand and luymcnt of rent for the use of-their wharfs resuuiud by the Harbour Trust tile Loan nd Giinrntce Company, Limitcu, v. Smith, to Re Frederick Tooher Jones.

The examination was UPON ALL CLASSES OK StCVP.lTT 1DVESI LNTEllKST-KASV TEKMS. N.S.W. MO.VT DE VIETE Lli SEVENTY-FOUR CASTI.EREAGH-STBEtT, lt-EUSTACE BEXS ETr, OmraJ This Comfuif was toimci to suppr utry. otherwise an unconditional receipt would have been given. Mr.

Pilchcr said there were hundreds of cases in which tho Treasury knew nothing of what the Lands Department was doing with respect to matters on which payment were made, but tliey put tho qualifying words in the receipt because the matter was one for the Lauds Department. Ho contended that if money absolutely demanded from him aud he handed it to the person ho was directed to pay it to, then if that person gave him a conditional receipt, his position was this, that he had tho riht to say to the person giving tha receipt, If you in tend to adhere to the condition, it is your duty to return my money, and, if you do not, you must In taken to have waived the condition under which you received the That was his contention, altogether apart from the Land Acts. The question turned nat upon the construction of the Land Act of 1KS4 but on the construction of the Sydney Harbour Trust Act. continued aud then adjourned to Kovember 13, CERTIFICATE APPLICATIONS. cqmuussionurs, that on May 'Jjr-last the company received demand from the tnist asking to bo furnished with narticulars of the (jnal which hml liliK.qnil uliiuk uii uiu respondent nouse.

In cross-examination bv Mr. Wade, witnesi said XiIKE GOOD "WINE, that when respondent spoke of hia wife having drink Re Edrnond O'Donnell. There was no appearance of. the bankrupt, and ou the application of tne official wiui uui iiiuuus uo cuioq uuo me room. airs.

Webb was not wearing boots on that night. HOLBBOOKS WORCESTERSHIRE SACCl over the company's wharfs at Sydney and Mortlake Biuce Fobruary 11 last, und enclosing debit note for buc)i wharfa*ge at the rate of ier ton, being the UMtnl rate. The conpuny never luivnig tKiid or been called upon to pay whurfa*ge upon coal assignee mo matter was aujouroea io November 7. Re John Williams. On the annlication of Mr.

Sarah Jtobinsou, a ladies nurse, said Bho had at tended on- petitioner in her confinements. About Langdon, solicitor for tho bankrupt, the matter was adjourned to November 21 to permit of au answer being filed to the report. MONEY 55555. HAVE YOU AX p'TERKST UKDEB A In Divorce. Before tho Judjre in Divorce.

In No. 1 Jny Court At 10 v. Webb (part beard). In Bankruptcy. Before the n-gistrar in 11 n.

m. Ilearinfr of creditors' petitions The Aun-traliiu) Joint Stock Bank, Limited, v. William Joseph Gordon tho Austral inn Joint Stock Bank, Limited, v. CharlctK Goodwin Sylvester Gordon; re Aubrey Arthur WaUou OrUtithti, ccrtilicato application ro Joseph Long-niuir examioAtion scctioa SO. DISTRICT November 1.

Before the Registrar, in No, 2 Court, at 10.30 a.m. Aitkcn and another ata Muir. SYDNEY QUARTER SESSIONS. Friday. November 1.

John Fitzroy and Jume Fitzroy, breakias and entering, Ac. Edward Levin and Carlo Frattini, larocnf, William Bennett, robbery Haus Mortiiuon, otfeuce. NO BUSH. juuueu on uic saiu vrians surco meir occupatiof thereof, did not comply with rJio demand for payment, but furnished the defendants with the inr, Re James Russell. There was no appearance of tne oauarupt, ana on me appucauou ot tue otacial liculars asked for.

Some corresiwiulence ensued, but Mr. Gordon was heard on the same side, and at 4 two montlis after the first child was boru witness wasMipstairs, when Bhe heard petitioner call out that her husband was choking her. Witness ran into petitioner's room and saw her lying ou tho bed with respondent's hand on her tliroat. She pulled him away. Some months later Mrs.

Wobb was speaking to her sister, witness being present, when respondent flew Businesses for Sale. ARE YOU ENTITLED To NONET OB Mtomtrv in England, the el.e Iteif, cither at. I iiotitt the death of Reltttiw Vrum 1 7 assignee me matter was adjourned to 7, MOTION UNDER SECTION 01. no interview toot place, as the Commissioners declined to discuss the question of liability, and on A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. A yr 1)11 AM and Eliz-abelti-ttt.

Ltxlgiag-houw, Re Charles Varcoe. On the unnlieatioti of tVi TURN TOUR INTBRBST INTO CAM! AT 0M collinR or -rrriting to ns D' o'clock the further hearing was adjourned till Mon day uoxt. IN EQUITY. (Before Mr. Justice A.

11. Simpson, Chief Judge.) August 20 last the Commissioners wrote to the company intimating that uuless the uonipany paid BOAJtLINtf L'ttablMitnnnt, 17 room, rent 3n, water frontuge, (jaod pinion, pcrmaueat boarders, official assignee an order was made ior the paymont of 1 per month, the first payment to be made on no wnurmges uuo iiiice jx tost, untt agreed to pay the wharfa*ges henceforth, no vesselp would ganuy mrnisueu tnjnuKliom, roou piano omrs mvuea, -gEECJIAM'S TILLS. jfjEECHAM'H PILLS. Worth a Guinea a Box. November z.

WE ARE PR EPA RED To RtV RMRT (RT LEND YOU the MOXKV Voir REuciRii VItHLS a WEEK FROM AI'I'UCATtON. wuillAA i r.r.uu a ai una ai into me room anu strucic nts wire a Dactctiauaea blow across tho mouth, saving ho would teach her to talk about bis sister. Witness interfered and respondent threatened to strike her, and to throw her out of the window. He. however, did not do so.

hut he POLICE COURTS. be allowed to berth at the wharfs referred to after SINGLE MEETING. MOTION VOlt AN INJUNCTION. Macrec v. Def teros.

rj OAHOIXG-HOUSE, good position, II rooms, well fur- XJEECHAM'8 FILLS. Re Arthur Eilby. The bankrupt was sworn and M. uuuicu, Douuera, u. neeuniuu anu ua.

agents uver ine norld. B. and CO. Mr. L.

Armstrong, instructed by Mr. E. H. For Bilious Attack. struck Miss Browe (petitioner's sister) who called REOISTHY Office, best position chy, 2 weekly, furniture, 23.

Gardiner, unnearcd fur the plaintiff, Stathi Macrce examined by the official assignee. The creditors did not wish to examine. No resolution was moved. The meeting closed, and the public examination was Mr. W.

A. Walker, with him Mr. Harris, instructed Brt-ween King and JHnmwrtnviU. iSrd'wr. NEWS Agency, Stationery, good shop, room, rent l.V, 35iH stock.

Biting. 110. Needham. by Mr. 11.

a. Ievieu, appeared for tue defendant, acciarea conciuaea. BEECH A5r8 PILLS. For Indijtcntion in all its forms. Damage to Property.

At the Red fern Police Court yesterday, before Mr. Payten, S.M., Annie Malone, or Anderson, was charged with having on October 18 maliciously damaged real property belonging to Frederick James Collings, consisting of a woshstand aud crockery and a chair, doing damage to the extent of 1 12s. It was stated that the de assih Dcfteros. The case fur the plaintiff was that IONFECT fONERY, Partty. Drink; hop, 5 rooms.

Va mm a mue cur. Alter tne seconu emia was born respondent tried to throw a bucket of water over his wife. Witness did not remember anything more until about January of the present year, when respondent came home one afternoon at tea time and said his wife had been drinking. Witness said Mrs. EXAMINATION UNDER SECTION 30, TraRKPHAM'H P1LIJ.

ccnirc city, iraue is weemy, oc. saa. rueeonam. EtII AM Eiizabetht. Dairy, ib.

X3 itor Wind and Pain in the Stomach. lj R. 8. NEMSON and i H. CAL1AN Soi'- MagBattrJi(UiB, 31BGE0R0E-STHEET.

SYDNEY inrer make tauncdiate advances in all kind of nwrnrtiw ind Dicount Pro. Note. Account taken TpI -wra Re Tin Tow. No witnesses were present, and on tnuiff mi qmtrm aany, came, norscs, cart, oargam. the application of the official assignee the matter was BEECHAM'H PILLS.

For Siok Headache. fendant was under the influence of liquor when she two years ago the defendant anil another sold to the tho good will, of a fish and oyster business in Pitt-street, Sydney, and engaged not carry ou business within a quarter of mile of the site of that business. PlaiutifV claimed that defeudaut had broken that agreement, and he sought an iujunctiou to restrain him from carrviner on busiuess within the webD had not, as she Had been washing ail day. Respondent became abusive, used bad luieuace. aajourneu to novemoer t.

KEOISTRY OJHoe, city, city and country connection any reasonable offer AecouU-d. Needham and Co. OAKS 8trii-iiy Privum IJMNS fmaOui nptrarib ta Furniture witlmt iiprranw tm iurititute entered plaintiff's house by breaking open the door, and thou washed the articles mentioned into fragments. Sho was ordered to nav a fine and costs J4 "3 Et'HKtiHMKNT Rooms and RcntauTnnt, takings VOLUNTARY SEQUESTRATIONS. Rahim Bukhsh, storekeeper, residing at Alburv.

threatened to cut his wife's throat, and made as if to strike her, but wituess took hold of his arm. On another occasion respondent, who mado use of foul EECHAM'S TILLS. ja.i wee it i vajuo ior money. tw cceunnm. wifttuur swim, iio(, wr any 3cciiriU DELAY.

.1. BUlOM. For Fulneaa and Swelling after Meala. Mr. N.

F. Gibliu, official assignee. radius stated in tho acreeiaeut. The defence was amounting tj 3 10s 4d, iu default imprisonment for one mouth. OWEN and 4WJ Owtlercttih-st CoafecUonery and nicely Mocked nnd fitted.

buTgain, 65. language, asked his wife what she was doing. She; EECHAM'S PILLS. i nomas wuuam wooam, resuiing at irancoster- J18. rorner B-ilhursl utvi faxtkmehitt Liver Complaint.

that defendant was simple the servant of one PaUnos, mid was not carrying ou business iu breach of the Theft of Pieeous. At the Red fern Police Court answered that she was going to open some oysters, avenue, Kensington. Mr. W. H.

Palmer, official assignee. EECHAM'S PILLS. yesterday, before Mr. Payten. S.M..

John O'Connor pRUST and nther f*ckUs for Mongc Advance! JL Sydney and Subnrlw. am.mnts 100 to mltmt 4 to 5 p.c. Money advanced to build. EASV TERMS. September 1.

The plaintiff, William Richard (ruiu-ford, had agreed with the plaintiff company to deliver to the latter large quantities of coal from for a period of three years from January 1, 1000, and the supply of coal under the agreement amounted on an average to 10,000 tons a month, or thereabouts, and three steamers wero generally employed in connection therewith. The company bad in stock only sufficient to carry on the business for a period of one month, and any cessation or interference with the operations of the company in the manufacture and supply of gas would be attended with great inconvenience and loss to the pubhc generally, and great loss and damage to the company. The plaintiffs charged that the action of the dtdeudants complained of was oppressive and illegal aud that the object of the defendants was to bring lOich pressure to bear upon the company as would force tho company to pay a demand the legality of which was denied by the company, without esfcibliuiiiig the validity of such cluiin by legal proceedings. The company "bad suffered grout loss and damage by reason of the action of the defendants, and would suffer further and irrepamble loss and damage, and great incon-. venience and loss would ho caused to the pnhhc, unlaw the defendants were retrained from preventing or interfering with tho discharge of coal ou to tho said wharfs.

Affidavits on the same side were also read from Alexander Brown Small, master, and Robert Adol-phus Anderson, mate, respectively, of the steamship Brunner us to the Harbour Trust having prevented Dut responuent toot up tne oysters ana tarew tnen in tho cesspit. He nfterwartls spat in bis wife's face; agreement. A wonderful Medicine lorFemalMof all Agea. was charged with having stolen 24 pigeons, valued at ODOINU-HOUSE, Dariinghunrt, 12 rooma, rent 85s, JLi 1" per, lodpera. owing wtrioiia illnetw take 0O.

Owen. Alter neanng addresses irom counsel, nis xionor ieutia ueoiora, remajng at aioree. Mr. w. tt.

Palmer, official assignee. EECHAH'S PILLS. Respondent afterwards told witness that someone reserved his judgment. tne property oi Joseph rosse, oi rorttnan-street. Waterloo, on October 30.

The accused was ordeied Aw Adapted for Old and Young. hod asked him if he ever beat his wife, and seemed SUPERIOR Boarding-houw, haibonr frontage, 16 rent 2 ba, imp. claw JT250, terms. Owen. MOUTGAtiESECUKITTES required fwinmtntai? in aniuunUf up tu 1UU, on City or ttuboitaa EECHAM'S PILLS.

THE QUESTION OF AN ASSIGNMENT. Pern and Others v. Lainc and Another. very much aunoyed about it. The wituess was cross-examined at some length by In Boxen In Ija and 2 each.

ilea. to be sent to tho Curpentanan Reformatory for two years. No Means of Support. At the Redfern Police TEA ROOMS, verr heart city, taking 10, exoeptiooal opportunity 2 young lodiea. 50.

Owen. Inventor. H. S. Hattlcn.

wilicitor. 1HA Vilt4L Mr. Wade, She said she was allowed a class of ale Mr. T.mror Otrnn instructm) hv Mr Hnnrv "WWBN and Ciwtlerwigh-fct. Qrocery, corner LAND APPEAL COURT.

(Before the President and Commissioner Mr. Canaway appeared for the Minister for Lauds, THE MEItCADOOL CASE. Court vestordav. before Mr. Pavteu.

S.M.. William MONK LEN 1' a few hour on 1-iirniliire withou DOJwe.vtioni. Deo). let. llommprM' inti.t.

Davis, appeared for tho plaintiffs, William Went- Biltou, aged 17, was charged with having no lawful Hiiup, trnung squ J.iu una ytuuuwoa. pee uib. ROCEUY and Winn in miilht of a thick Iv -rjonulatcd Ah.Ktltite nrivHoi Hours, in n.m. wortn rcrry, oopnie icrry, ana r-erry una a day when sho was at Webb's, and Mrs.

Webb I would have a gloss as well when sho was able to, 1 Mrs. Webb, on one occasion, sent for a quart of ale at lunch time, and that was on tho day after a great atuirrel. Witness bad never token drink to the house. COOKE. 19 MiKcncl'n-rial, iiciir tCintf-rfr(, Npwlivn.

Ji' neighbourhood, doing LO cawh trade, rent 1, any julv. iuaim, inscriictea ny air. iiiompsou, appeared for William Lsiuc and William Jicnrv The hearing of appeals embraced iu or contingent visiDie meaiiB or support, aim louna wunaering aoout iu no lawful ostensible occupation. The accused was ordered to be imprisoned for 14 davs. with hard COUGHS.

COLDS on the CHEST. BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, and CONSUMPTION. Bctraro of Coughs Remember that every Disease lioa its Commencement, and Connumption i No Exception to this Rule. nEARNE'S BRONCHITIS CURE. The FAMOUS REMEDY for COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, and CONSUMPTION, has the Largest Sale of Any Cheat Medicini' in Aiutraliit.

lease, owing ut Henous lunwn propneior neu vaiuaiinn. TV0 LEND, 5 ecunly. icpinli) by iuHtalinentw. low interenl. fpe.

amn An iitwiuuic gm. uv e.i ami -jow le reago-suect Perry, defendants. In their statement of claim tho upon trie Mercauooi run cases was conunuca before the Land Appeal Court. Mr. Commissioner Houston 250 Pittrctreet.

comer of labour. nor had respondent ever spokon to her and told her plaintiffs set out that William Perrv. of Bcntham- y- SMITH and Hotel Broken, tM Eli7abeth-t. Eatablifthrd 1S7I. Oifiw limn.

till 5. was not npbu the bench, he having declined to Bit a jimei. city. years at ti, aiai weeaiy, xiw. Stealing, At tho Water Police Ccurt yesterday, before Mr.

Macfarlane. D.S.M.. David Thomnson. nottouoso. wnenueerwassontioritwaswitnrespon-dunt's knowledge and consent.

She had never seen place, Paddington, by his will, dated June 15, 1882, devised to -his daughter, Mary Hay Perry, and the F. SMITH, Hotel, city, long lease, easy rent, up-to- ou account oi nis preious omriai connection wjtn OBTAIN your LOAN'S. 'Mraifnn, P.N'x DMda.A-c.. PRIVATELY frratlicI.KVnKamnpr9 the servant sent to the hotel at tne end of the week defendant, William Laing, the property known as on easy ternu, no delay, wive went' wnMnion. the cases, ne appeals conncctoci nre 4 in numrjor, and are arranged in batches of three.

Mr. Pike, in Those who have taken this medicine are amazed at itt ntuWfiil inHurn. Sufferer from anv form of bron a 9 (laic bars, orawa nutia. weekly, au nor, tsw. 1 F.

SMITH: Hotel, best lease 10 yeara at 3, billinrdw. par monthly, 36 beer 50. to nay for beer. b. n.

MUnti i ii f.iiMoeih-j.-rreet, fivdnrr. unauge juicy, rm-strccr, upon trust, nnu out oi me clear aunuul income of the property to pay an 45, printer, was charged with in company stealing a pair of lioots, valued at 4h Gd, the property of Jeremiah O'Connor. Accused was sentenced to six mouths1 imprisonment, with hard labour. Patrick Donnelly, or O'Donnell, 29, was charged at the same structed by Messrs. Norton, Smith, and appeared i for the Assets llealizatiou nnd General Finance chitis, distressing rough, tliffienlty of breathing, hoarve- rmi rninnrannnnu In fhf rhMd.

exncricncC dflurhlful The witness, iu answer to bis Honor, said she had never seeu petitioner under the influence of drink. Respondent was not a drunkard. annuity of 400 to testator's sou. John Perry (since FOR HALE, a Third Share in Hrxt-cla- Grocery BVSt-NES, profit- -20 per week, expenses 8. value of TRUMT FUNDS Ut LEND at 4 I'KR CBt.

Adtei maile ou LIFE INTWHEKTS and KEfERPIONS under WILL, Wool tloi'ds, Serin, tc. B'riWiflB Ijoan-t arranged. JAMES CAltllDl.L IP'Hunier-strcet. and immediate relief, and to those who are subject to colda Company and Mr. E.

P. Simpson (Messrs. Minter, block. Mailt. euodwiU.

and certain debu due lo busmen. him from discharging coal on September 4 at the i Gaslight Company's wharf. Darling Harbour, and from John Gainford, brother of plaintiff, 'in regard to the same matter, and as to tho loss William Richard Gainford had and would sustsiti by reason of the delay caused by the action of tho Harbour Trust, on the chest it is invaluable, ait it effects a complete cure. It i ninat mmfiirtim? in allavuKr irritation in ihe tbmat. deceased), also to pay testator's brother, Julius Perry and his wife Caroline (since deceased), and to the survivors of them, an annuity of 100 by Alfred Benjamin, an accountant, formerly residing Simpson, and for Messrs.

fcirebrace and Co. at West Maitland, said he lived next ttoor'to the Mr. Canaway, instructed by Mr. D'Arcy Irvine, for 1000; liabilities. 500.

Excellent onportunity for smirt ADVANCES on FlUiEHoLUS. fvmA on Deeds withont murdntac. (iovrmiiKnt uml Umi. and giving btreaglh to the voice, and it neither nllotra- a oh in ess mun. caic pnee, ippiv court witn in company stealing one cricketing bag, two shirts, one cricket bull, two paint cricketing trousers, and a bell, valued at 2 lfis 6d, from the dressing room ou tho lUishcutter Bay Park on the Crown Solicitor, anneared for the Minister.

weriDS. fie nua seen petitioner witn a inacic eye und wearinff, coloured classes. On two or three occa EOWAKU J. SI'EAR, Solicitor. cipal Debentures.

Shures, Annuitii lleverioiiary and OlJier Securities. J.C. -10NE3, 71) PitMnrl. oqual quarterly instalments, to pay to his brother, Johu Philip Perry and his wife '(both since deceased), and the survivor of them, tho lifo annuity of 100, The Court had disposed of a large number of the oases, and lioil reached the anneal of John Dodd COUgn or oninmu DCCOmo curuiui-, pur wnnuiuimin develop. Conmunntion has never been known to oxift wheru Coughs have been proier)y treaUd with this VnliMin ahmdH hn Without it.

as. liikcn at and the claims made upon liim by the owners of the sions he hud heard a woman's scjoams-coming from 1 18 Eligabeth-ftreot. Sydney. October 24. Accused was sentenced to three months' imprisonment, with hard labour.

mWKI.VK THOL'KAND POUNDS. An excentiom fJItUST FUNDS. for ittvectowat at hxxtXt, in one or more nains. -against the decision of tho Uunnodah Land Board in I tne nouse. Bteamsmps urunner ana nmuru ior demurrage.

In renlv. an affidavit bv John Roxburgh Martin. and to pay each of Ids three grandchildren, Frederick Ilenrv Bemamin. a nrotber of the previous wit the beginning, a dose geauslly aufijeieat, and complete cure is certain. lujuriuji Property, Mary White.

28. was at the xv. m. niu'iior. sec re tar to tho Svdnev Harbour Trust Commis respect oi nis u.i no ui-iz, waigcct.

air. nice, instructed by Messrs. Minter, Simpson, and np- Water Police Court yesterday fiued fis on a rharse 1 opportunity to ncquive an old-CMtalilish, mind, pro-frresive Wholesale BUSINESS, capable of development, holding several important sole agencies and valuable proprietary line. A ure fortune to a good business man wiuiam J'erry, iiernert nam, ana ucryi nam, me annual sum of 50 for IU years after tho deceaso of the testator. He also directed that any surplus iu-come from the Chauira Allcv nroucrtv.

after answer ness, gave covoborative evidence. In answer to his Honor he said he had never seen petitioner under tho influence of drink. prietor. W. U.

UEARNE, Chemist, Oeelonir, Victoria, vjn.kii ti.a inrrw. fid- 8(1 Id hv chemists and MONEY. IF YOU KttinKK A I'KIVATB ADVANCE ON ANY KIND ny SEtTlSlTY VkU. At sioners, was read, in wluch the deponent, after rc fcrring to the prior occupation of the wharfs referred to bv the Gas Compairy, Raid that in Januurv. 1001.

of being drunk in Forbes-street. She was further charged with maliciously injuring a ptateglass window and doing damage to the extent of the pro wnh energy and capital. Apply nox i.tdi. o.i'.u., ayaney. ONCE.

NO SECURITY liEKL'REK. WILLS LENT OS, Robert Urimmond. a plumber residing at West I ing the payments mentioned, and making allowances medicine vendor. Forwarded by post to any address when not obtainable locally. Branch Office No.

5, First Floor, Oreers- Mt. lti4Ai.t.i,.i.Ti.rrtTOiireet, surrr tutu. rEOAL. Country PRACTICE for SALE, in tnwn to i which railway will shortlr be extended. Bill for perty oi i main uottomiey, licensee oi liottomiey's Hotel.

Forbes-street. Accused was lined 1. and ior repairs or omer outgoings ia cuuurauuu wini iu manacemeut of tho property. Bbould be payable to IUH11UUU, HUU 1113 I IUI1 1IVBU 0ipU91U IUU TT euun UI Hiffh-street. West -Maitland.

On the nicht of pearea ior appeiianc, couusei coiwmuea uieir resumes of the evidence from the two standpoints of tbe Crowu and appellant as to bona fides, and the Court reserved its decision. The Assets Realization and General Finance Com- i pony's, Limited, appeal ugutnst the decision of the i Gunnedah Land Board in respect of John Dodd's e.p.,No. 91-12, was next taken. There were the same appearances of counsel. Argument was concluded, MONEY to LEND in various lUtinnnV at lowert raio, J.

A Dowling and Tayler. soliritors 2) O'CopnelK extension now before House. chambera, 322 Ueorge-street, Sydney. June Id, 1890, witness and Normoyle saw Mrs. Webb1 ordered to pay 5, the extent of tho damage, or in default one month'stmprisonmeiit with, hard labour.

Apply for particulars to D. (VCARROLL, Solicitor. ONEY on Kurnttuiv or any wtonty, no itandine in the yard attached to her house. Witness it came undnr the notice of the Lands Department that tho ctvnpany had been in illegal occupation during the whole of lOOO'of tho areas icnd wharfs comprised in their former special leases, aud were still in occupation of them without payment of any kind. A letter was thereupon written to the coinpauy, tho Treasury Department being instructed upon the receipt of the umuey to place it tn suspense nccount, IT, r.u.

wiuaru. re itroa. his sou, John Perry, aud after his decease, or should any event happen wherahy Johu Perry should lose the use nnd enjoyment of the annuity and other interest under the will, to pay the income Temple-court, fting-fftreet, Sydney. oieaiing. ai ine I'auauiirion rouce uourt yester Businesses tor Sate.

beard screams, and he and Normoyle went across the afreet to see what was the matter. Tne night was a A. AKJ3UY BU SIN EMS for SALE, in nourishing mining towuibip on Western lino for 100, chance seldom day, before Mr. F. S.

Isaacs, S.M., Owen Spalding, 1 aged 17, carpenter, was charged with stealing two cold, wet one, ana they nantiea JNormoyio's macintosh to her. Mrs. Webb was mopping her nose. WANTED to Borrow, wcor.d mortjre, un (food property, Hornsby, pay back 5 mtiuiMy, 10 per cent. OI lue quango rtiiey 10 wm wiiu of John Perry, until his youngest child attained 21 ana tne uourt reservea iw decision.

Tho appeal of Charles E. Millar against the decision of the Gunnedah Land Board in respect ot his pending instnicncu as to its disposal. Iho Jriwsurer, met witn. l-ull pHrttculnrs apply RILEY'S HOTEL, Corner King and Elizabeth-streets, Sydney, Betwceu 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

years of nee. Tho testator died on June 16, 18n2. Jo agents. After the macintosh was handed to her Normoyle went away, but witness remained until Constable Hotel, leading position Redfern, bar 70 TT week, rent long lene. 1000.

WTAltDENl Hotel, Western nuburb, lwe 0 rent received 620 on January 31, and gave a receipt for it. On May 14 last the application of the company for suechil lease was investigated bv the Mctroiiolifaui without revoking or altering his will. Mary Hay Perry, on August 9, 1882, renounced tho trusts of ONEY to LEND, no rommi vkm ornluatiun e.p., No. 01-13, Walgett, was heard. Argument as to Millar's bona fides wob commenced, the printed evidence in tho Mercadool cases being largely ROCElt and Haberdashery, mug Business, good Burrell came.

Mo aid not see responuent tnat mgbt. Petitioner appeared to bo wearinz a singlet. She was 3 IU. sells 8 a SB' weekly, caxb 500. pair a of trousers, one piece of serge, and a quantity of tools, tho property of Isodore Winberg, of Wavor-ley.

Accused was sentenced to three months imprisonment, with hard labour. Maliciously Injuring Property. At the Paddington Police Court yesterday, before Mr. F. S.

Isaacs, S.M., Charles Henry Connors, aged 37, a labourer, was charged with maliciously damaging one plate-class window, of the value of 4 17s (id. tho pro quired, i cvix, Heraia imup. the will, and the defendant. William Henry Perrv, VJl uweuing, rrut ua, wKinga tis weex, mungs, Land wbeu tbti lwurd recommended that the AUDEN. Hotel, flretclara bar hnsincas of 65 yon need Money! have plenty to Lewi, Mdiw ntinsea.

i ne case sianas part neara. sobbing and crying. James Normovle. a machinist at the Mercury application should bo refused, the power to grant: week, rent miien oul jmmj. SUJCK, gOOUWIIl.

3. H. ARNOLD MOLA and 88 King-rtrect. I DEAL LITTLE GENERAL bTOiiE IN CIT can mtaij ihmtow rnrni'ij. u.

was appointed a trtisteo in her plate. John Perry died in April, 1900. Iciviug surviving him the plaintiffs (lus children), who lived to attain the age AEDEN. Suburban Hutel. at stntion, good business For Continuation see Index to VV situate in bcnlthy port, stock 250, rent 1, catb trade, office, West Maitland, said he knew petitionee and1 respondent by sight.

He spoke to Mrs. Webb one ftOllRC. iKO. IS) blHBlDn-. of 21 vears, but Caroline Perry (wife of Julius TVAN HENKY, 1.11 1'itt-fOrcct, 2 doom from King' -HoIpI eitv.

n-otif rmtlita 2000 a vear. Iee li Tbe Court adjourned to the following day. QUARTER SESSIONS. (Before Judge Murray and juries.) Mr. W.

L. Mercwether Crown Prosecutor. EMBEZZLEMENT. Perry), Johu Philip Ferry, and Isabel his wifo are WIIJJA31 BUTLER. 13a PitWtreet.

opp. Strand. Fnmitnref ftc. mond. HcArinc a scream he ran across the road to perty oi tt.

uavis, oi uxioru-street, I'audingtou, on October HO. It was shown in evidence tliat the accused on tho previous evening was standing iu front all deceased. Bv indenture, dated April 29. 1901. x-kvv h'nL Ktrn.

liillLinln. and diuinu-ruouiB. a tO.NKECTlONERY. Wine, TaHtrj-, main st, beaut, d'g, between Julius Perry und the plaintiffs, the former lortiuio in mo nanuiui tKiiim jiiaii. janjii.

V' i stanu. it. kbu prooi. tuu, lugram. wards where it camo from, and saw Mrs.

Webb standing screaming and sobbing bitterly in Webb's yard. She was in deshabille, and her shoulders were jr vie w. rVAN HENHV. Hotel, free htiu, rent 1, or tne window swingiug au iron nar in ins nanos, when he made a rush and smashed tho window with 2i, 15. Bdg.

45, assigned to tho plaintiffs the annuity of 100 bequeathed to him. The plaintiffs gave notice to tho bar trade i weekly, 7tx. 1:11 nu-si flnnrcrn AtVmrtnn Kftssnn nleadnd miilfar tn ft. nhnnrn ingmm. i tho bar.

Accused was fined 1, and ordered to pay SI'S MAD TSTVTfl ENT SffdWROOMS VAN II ENUY. Hotel, Ulebc, leiwc ycow, rent 2 suit a beginner. -200 nuh. I'M Pitt-st. defendants of the assignment, aim uppuea to tnem to hand over possession of the property to the plain LLOYD and 2eW near tark-t.

city, suburbs, country, 200 Ut 3000. of having on September 12, 1001, at Mosniati, being then a servant to Austin Thomas Goodwin, bv virtue the amount of damage done, or in default two mouths' imprisonment, with hard labour. biro. Witness behoved, she was wearing stockings. He went into the yard, and Urimmond, with whom he had been talking, came over.

He got his macintosh from Orinimond, and told Mrs. Webb to put it VAN HENKY. Hotel, Btlmaia, lenne 27 -ean. rent 2 tiffs, together with ull or any rents or other moneys packed with FURNITURE oi every dpscrrption. Havias Trtwchased before (he Tariff, wedjlheiirud square thing, anil sell on the same I of such employment received and taken into his possession the sum of 8 ns lUd for and in tho name uommitieo.

ior mai. At tno central i'ouce uourt beer trade i iw. ia niHi. LrXYD and CO. KestadrMt, 140; Orae 2l Wore.

7ii; blocked. 210. WW A LF Share Kefithment Business, rity, with country' yesterday, before Mr. E. H.

Wilsbire, S.M., John OTEL, Westn line, tmdo 0000 jt beautiful belonging thereto, una to execute tne necessary uocu-nients, vesting the property in the plaintiffs. The defendants, however, refused to accede to the Special leases oi wuuri "mri insert wins men Trsicii in the Comtrisstoneis under the Harbour Trust Act, No. 1 of lytU. The company were notified of this finding. As secretary of the trust deponent stated that the nation complained ol in this suit had been taken by tit* harbour master exercising inde- Jiendeiitly tho powers conferred ujton him bv the iarbour Trust Arct, mid not; by the HarlHiur Trust Commissioners.

V7ith regard to tin whnrf nt Mort-: lake, the affidavit ted-that tlie plaintiff company had on January 31 of tho present year lodged nu 1 implication for a special lease of the wharf, but the triplication "as newtr dealt with by the hoard, as being within the imisdiction of the Harbour Trust. The company bad previously held possession of the wharf by virtue of a similar lease to those under which the company's wharfs in Darling Harbour were formerly held. Jt wns not a fact that the corn-puny hud since Dccemcr 31 last year remained, with the consent of the Croivn, in exclusive possession and enjoyment of any of the wharfs mentioned, hut the occupation of the company was and had been adverse and, as deponent submitted, clearly illegal. Mr Justice Walker, alter setting out the facte and rAannni fni hin decision, said he was of oninion Home, x-jww. irniif.

j. iicnry. i.n i-jh-i. moy. cnanre scitmnt uarrtMiii, icasriercaga-si.

Brovrn, aluu Fitzgerald, alias llaty Brown, 28, groom, was charged with fraudulently obtaining the on. She was sobbing too much to heed him, and ho took the macintosh and threw it over her shoulders. He then went away for the police, leaving Urimmond there. He received the macintosh back nest evening OSEl'H and lAi Kuig-st. -Hotel, Western line, and on the account of A.

T. Goodwin, and then fraudulently embezzled the same. Accused also leaded guilty to similar charges of embezzling Ss rd, and 1, the property of A. T. Goodwin.

He application, and insisted on retaining possession of HANDSOMELY Furnished Boarding-house, 7 Id Irani. 75. Windsor. Herald, King-st. leaoe yearn, low rem.

wx-Kiy, irec, misi. sum ot 0k from Ernest Hawthorne Price by means tho property, as wen as tne rents ana moneys ueiong-itig thereto, unless Julius Perry executed a releas to TOSETH and CO. Hotel. Piinuinatta. leswe 9 years, 4 4 1 OOD-PAYlNti Business for Sale, partner retiring, was remanded for sentence.

oi a laiso pretence, no wan commuted tor trial at the Quarter Sessions now sitting. Bail was allowed. KO KUTTES ADDED. OAl.WOOn and to 117 Bathuirt-slreet. The Leading Household rnniishm.

at tne poucc omce. Petitioner's case in chief closed, except for the ex ww xm xxx wcexiy. inuie mgonis x.w. vfry siiiaJi capiuu rrquirco. rarw.

iwcncr, -jaw i'iu-f)i, OSEPH and CO. Hotel, Pyrtnont, Icom; 7 ymrs, low STEALING. '1 HEAT little city Urocery showing largr proflfa. therefore, claim that the defendants be ordered to hand amination of one witness who was not in attendance. Ihe same accused was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for imnoaimr utxin Frederick John Ewen.

Tent, large spirit anu oeor uaae. nic? numr. George Henry Webb, the respondent, was ex Carl Walters nleaded truittv to a charffe of Ihavins and obUininff from mm the sum of '25s, with intent 1 EN U1NE Drinkw, ice, owner leaving colony, amined bv Mr. Wade, and said that he lived at over possession and control of the said property to the plaintiffs, and to execute all necessary documents vesting, it in them. Also that tho defendants be JOSEPH nnd CO.

Hotel, very central, iianaom. Iltted. long lease, bar trade 100 wkly, beer Sx 54, (1250 cash. iN i- on Easy System of Time Payment. jl cnanf.

ronpie, ana aun, fi jimg-si. to uotraua. in both cases tue accused represented on September 23, at Pynnont, stolen from the dwelling-house of Thomas Powell a watch, valued at avar f. Ho wns remanded for sentence. Wagga for about 10 months after his marriage.

He "TT OSEPH nnd CO. Hotel, clo.w large whipping and 1UEMIST8 BUSINESS for SaLE, g'd position, ordered to account for all rents or moneys arising did not smko his wife while they lived there. He i-i w. jHsmiiin. ning-si neram umre, that be needed money to release goods from bond.

Stealing. In the Central Police Court yesterday, before Mr. E. H. Wilshire.

S.M.. Arthur Edwards. PJ factorifti, takings tx to fjw. JOSEPH and CO. FVeehuUt Hotel.

Northern line, lie. and imniKl. proof 1W. IQB King-t. from the property, and that the plaintiffs may have such further relief as the nature of the case may Affeney, Confectionery, or light Business Frederick Shipp pleaded guilty to a charge of having on October 7, 1001, at Itodfern, stolen from never slapped her face because she wanted to go to Charters Towers with him.

Their married life in that place was happy. From Wagga they went to Goulburu, where they stayed one day. While there no agt. Ingiewiod. 32 Pshm.

rwitnre. 34, hairdresser, was charged with stealing harness from threo different people to the total value of 5 OBEPH and CO. Hotel, 2 mites from city, rent 4U, Shop, Summer Drinkn. Lollies, that though the Gas Company may not have had at the commencement of the Act (defined by the I The defendants in their statement of defence do not oar trade l. a weekly.

gja. i-amcuiarn. iw rung-sr. Bi Tibacr for Sale, cheap. St city.

ro. ine accused was sentencea to six manias' im- -rai IjlORSalc, Greengrocery, Fruit, Summer Drinks, good good cheap. 5B Waterloo. he did not swear at petitioner nor call her objection able names. From there they went to Narrandera, at the beirinninir of November.

1892. The witnesi admit that the trusts of the Change Alley property are correctly set forth in the statement of claim, that Via olfwt-flTiiiiiiLl inixmia of the nronertv was not suffi relriuillv furnished, valuable niano. hi nh-clatw connec Act as wovember 1, 1TOU), a license in iorceui respect of these wharfs, yet, at the time of the of the Act fi.e.. February 11, 1901) they had pxisonment. REVISION COURTS.

tion, very clean, well condnrted, alwaj-s full boarders, 450, the dweuing-nouse oi uudcix isaacs a oroocn, ring, locket, and scent bottle, the property of Maudo Marion Buddwantc, and a ring, the property of Gilbert Isaacs. He was remanded for sentence. William Schultz pleaded guilty to a charge of having ou October 19, at Alexandria, in the dwelling-house of Louisa Boulter, stolen a watch and chain, tho property of Walter Windle, and 7s, the properly of Louisa Boulter. He was remanded for "I AUtY for Salt-. wk.

net. splen. ehancf, only 2ft0 eay lerms. jipci anu nio tiog-titrrei, LOWEST TRICES IN SYDNEY. 5 worth.

10, J.lMwf(klT-. HOira rekly jtai oH). 12 Ornrwil, nu. ISO north.


FROM BATHIH3-ICTllKKT. FUHNITUIIE. BEDSTEADS, rf BtDDClOmlO loUawing rwty 5 worth. Ill 2. wwrtlt.

l. kmWv. 20 worth, Oils (Is weekly. Ana other niiinimtn in Onr rKICES are the UIWKST, ani alt gwMelirae! 1'KEE. Note Ihe cient, during the life of John Perry, to provide for I rg-i.

ramcuiam nooeni ana larcomoe. iuv riti-nr. Yesterday afternoon at the Central Police Court denied tho petitioner's evidence as to cruelty at1 Narrandera, and also denied other allegations made I by her. They then went to Sydney, and from there i I aOAUDINa-HOL'SE. Wynyani-nuare, 13 rooms, rent P' all tho charges createa tnereon oy me win oi William Perrv.

that Julius Perrv accordingly re such a license, enabling tbcm, in consideration of the rents paid in advance, to occupy the wharfs that the wharfs vested in the Commissioners subject to ttm ititi-Mt within the nieanine of section 271 I niceiy aiv.myi iuii. nwwi'u. ceived only a portion of the 100 annuity duriug the TJ KSTAL'HANT, centre city, 45 nwins, rent 4. well I aifiimiRhnd. tatinfrs tot) wwklv.

trial etven. Mr. W. (i. 13.

bmitb, P.M., revising magistrate, held Court for the revision of the provisional lists for the following Parliamentary electoral divisions Aunuudalo. Balmain South to oruya, wnere tney amvea at mm-uay on a Sunday, and left at 4 tho next morning. The itrucrrry, i-omen, jnni, goon pmiiion, gowa rAack, rent ISs. Apply 173 Pyraiaat-st. Pyrmont.

sentence. ASSAULT. Uxhed, cautto selling pruprieUir loiving Sydney, principals life of Johu ferry. Julius rcrry occasionally expressed disappointment with the ainouut paid to him witness denied an allegation of the petitioner with of the Gas Company under such license and that the Gas Company are, until, at all events, tho expiration of the present year, exempt from tho payment, of A "FEW Poitnds will Buy compact Confcct'y Bi7 also Kniit.j4.0j, Newtown, opp. D'ton-rd.

if lbNPKCTlbNKBY, Pastry. Kefreshmenta Buwness for Albert Allen Ward pleaded guilty to a charge of respect to what liad occurred there. They went to Moruya by sea from Sydney, and from there to EOISTKY OfUce. heart citv. deai' uroflbt weekly.

It aurillg me iuo Ji joiui -rerry( uuu ueiuio mu wiu menccmcnt of the action he claimed that he was entitled to a lartrer amount than he had received. Darlington, Globe, Leichhardt, Marrickvillc, New-town-Ciirjiucrdown, Notvtown-Erskine, Paddington, Petersham, Rand wick, Redfern, Syduey-Belmore, Sydnoy-Bligh, Sydney-Cook, Sydjiev-Denison, oia-fwlAD)lwiHi. inHt -n. tixst. josepn nnu i ale.

Apply s. ut iso i.owiier-n.. waveney. having on ooptemrjer acuowrai, assauueu a giri, aged 8 years, with intent. He was remanded for Goulburn by way of Tarago.

He had never accused his wife of imnroorietv with the husband of a woman T3ESTAUIIANT, takings 1C wtekly, rent WTANTED. BUSINESS suit lady, about 50. tthnrtlv tlifi date of the alleacd assinment bv invrt 10 1j. 1'ituno sentence. BURGLARY.

Julius Perry to the phintiffs application was made to jU no reusonanie oner reiuci. ypst'P" REtTEEHUMENT anrrLuncbcon ltooros, bert Wititin itr. clear nroHtstCIO iroof trade, irrandly tlttl. byuney-riuroy, uyuney-uipps, oynney-iung, jsytf-ncv-Liim'. Svdnev-Phillin, Wurringah.

Waterloo, the rates in question, wis no nor wuuu uruei continuing the injunction until the hearing of the I suit or further order, costs of. the motion to be costs in the cause to both parties. Defendants now appealed on tho ground that his Honor was iu error in granting au injunction and in holding hat the documents in evidence established in favour of the Australian Gaslight Comuanv a license to occupy for WT ANTED, rmall DAIRY, or bear oncniiig for one Rent, price, term (no agcnhO. Dairy, Herald Office. on tne rooa.

ax wouongung uu ten uu wue lugviu Maitland, but returned a day earlier than he was expected. His wife when he returned appeared to be a little the worse for drink, and a small bottle of We.1, nppoMtr 'f iiwl CO- llief InUKNlTIIKE. rulI.vm Ihe EASlS TERMS in the city. Call impeM cto j. 'the 1.

e.t be in 1 eoloar- I Uouwholtl lle.iniite Vent in Comion nun in reierence tnereio, anu no irasmweiy ucuicu making any assignment of his annuity. In view of the nlaintiffs haviiiz refused to make Julius Perry a well stocked, superior connection, same Itand yen rs, principals only. 350. JOSEPH and 10B Kiugtrtrect. Fur Continuation see Index to Advertisem*nt, and Woollahra.

Tho registrars for the respective districts were present, and stated that the lists produced were correct, and that everything required by law had been done by them. A Court of Revision was held at the Water Police schnanns bv her side was about three-fourths empty. nartv tn anv release offered bv them, or to procure OSEPH and BuBinew Agent, est. lSW.Jviige! John Evans pleaded not guilty to a charge of having on October 4, at Harris Park, about midnight, broken and entered the dwelling-house of Alfred Thomas Leabeater with intent1 to steal. Ho was undefended.

The case for the Crown was that Constable Byers noticing accused behaving in a suspicious manner at midnight ou October For Sale. and temia before nrrhinf eWwhere. u) HUnnto newest in BeJiraA. Brfma the year 1901 tho wharfs and other premises formerly witness remonstratea witn ner, ana sue promises that it should not occur ogam. They arrived at Maitland on the last day of December, 1892.

He negister uuhinessca ana noun ivng-nuwura. im 1- V. und Hotel Brokers. 7Ko -chriinbtrn. Pitt-st.

(ground floor), opp. G.P.O. aim. auy release trom mm, tne ucienuenis huuuuiwi mm the plaintiffs ought to procure a release to them fiom Julius Perry before requiring them to part with alt Court veaterdav for tho Parliamentary electoral TDV ES Have you ont that won't cook King up Tde. znn.

llenaira numnteed or Exchanse. 100 Stoves. WOTlll, 10. had not kicked his wife at anv time. On January control over the nronertv durinc his life.

V. HYAN. Hotel, Hplen. iihipping lease 8 divisions of Sydney-Bligh, Fitzroy, Gipns, King, and Lang. In Svdnev Blitrh division 4.13 electoral Ovens, Grains, eqniJ new, mmrt cleir.

New Coppers, lfl, 4, followed Evans for some 25 minutes. Thn constable, concealtuff himself behind yearn, rent iwti aw 20 worth. 40 down, "is lessen TO mem uv uiu uruwu, uuu win jib iiwnui was in error in hofdiug that the company had, at the commencement of tho i Sydney Harbour Trust Act, 1900, a license iu force in respect of the said wharfs and premises within the moaning of the 29th section tit Aer. totting vi ovmonuo wa tuwi upu uu aown, is weeaiy Hotel. Newtown.

nreihir years 1G he went to live at High-street, whor* his business was. Ho did not, before tho first child was bom, curse his wife, swear at her, throw a kettle of water over tiot concluded wnen tne uourt rights remained undelivered, 352 persons had loft tho district, and 28 electors had died. In Fitzroy fence, saw accQsed open a window in Leaboater's 8 xxx weakly, takes 45 weekly, ITHAIti.i ihe case stands part heard. flllCKE'l'S Kxeh. To 20s, 17s, to-day, also i Adel.

2 cJienp other States, reduced rBten, I Sell, Buy, und Exchange, highest vaJue given cut rates VliK, tlMS The Attorney-General said tho suit was one to try iw riaht nt thn Harbour Trust Commissioners tc toHiay. liiumnnn i uwnst Auvwcy, n. strike her soon after the uooa in luarcn, wva. The house was in a bad state, and they procured some carbolic acid for disinfectius- purposes. His JL y.1r:,li,-n Xjixx.

pttyl MO. TTm, V. ltYAN. Hotel." Snrry Hilisleaio ", rent ROLLTOF DESKS. BAHOA1NH.

"HON SAFKH, IN DIVOR0E. (Before Mr. Justice Simpson, Jndge in Divorce.) WEBB v. WEBB. iMlwoodand 113 Bathuratid.

HOI We. to i.p.i i. io.jii. with, wViiil Ii.oJlanil.lrn.iW "i BVE'ltTISKUS lie A TIsem*nTS for the Wl'VlA M.

Division -131 electoral rights remained unaeiiverea, 318 persons had left the district, and 17 electors had died. In Gipps Division 3S6 rights remained undelivered, 301 electors bail left the district, and 33 electors had died. In Kiug Division 409 rights remained undelivered, 307 persons had left the district, nnd 2.ri electors had died. In Latur Division 405 house by torcing tne eaten, mo constuoio came from his hiding-placo and caught Evans with one leg inside the house in the act of, getting into it. When grabbed by the constable accused turned round so quickly as to break the window.

In accused's hand was an open knife, and ou the window sill a piece of caudle and matches. The defence was that accused was in the habit of entering the house JL7 40s, payn hrewcrH JMQ monthly, ti 27 weekly. 22j. V. HY AN.

Hotel. Eastern good lease at levy rates on certain wharfs in the occupation of the Gas Company, and the real issue turned upon the question as to what rights, if any, a tenant of Crown holrl nnir llni-ivf. from the IWlVmCIlt of J. take 35 weekly, onto claw ni trnuc. gm V.

VAN. Hotel, leading city comer, average beer llEKAIJ) may be SENT Tlllltn ua the (ollowinit H. M. Ueiahl Ajtejeie; -r lr-Lt rfllCKETS lo all parts of States, mnch leas than orni-J. mryfare.

Till ton, oppj. Q.r.O. ICE CnWMiicliinca. pVy'for iiijwiving of fre. O.

E. Hornby, 01 PitW. ICkcTi'S. KclbT. 17 Bris.

Bny, highest prices given Firkins. near G.P.O. Mint into the Treasury after the expiration of the I IT .0 30 xxx weekly, pays 1.10 miwt sell. 0. rights remained undelivered, 370 persona had (eft the Y.

ItYAN. Hotel, countiy, 8 yean, rent 2, Ji of a friend of his in that way ana tnat ne nan merely miatalcAti thn famine. The lurv fou lid accused iruiltv. district, nnu ii electors noa tuea lease. The facts wore not disputed.

On January 21, 1001, the Australian Gaslight Company received u- hn iViiinwiniF letter Refer Tooms. taltmg wecic. irec. tuu chairs, 40. Mawiie and Waddrll.

11 wife suggested that the carbolic acid might remove freckles from her face, aud decided to try it. The pain caused hy its application made her cry, and he applied oil, and at Mrs. Webb's request got her a bottle of stout, which she took. After the birth of the first child a servant was engaged. He did not about that time take his wtfo by the throat, throw her on the bed, and hit her, neither did he nay she had come from a dirty, 16w, public-house and was no good.

He denied that he nod thrown a cup of tea over hiB wife or beaten her with a strap, a razor strop, or anything liko that, nor did he order her to clear out." He did not at any time drag her hat off her head, throw it in the fire, and say she should not go out. He had never denied the paternity of tho child. After the servant came Mrs. Webb sent AltNES rirciimr saw, uarpemer iiencn, and lot oi JTooK oomp. outllt.

Ttxtls. Freoniasoiis' York-st. cheap, CoUNTEK atwl Sliop Fittings. Friday, JK) Newtown. Mr.

W. A. Walker, instructed by Mr. P. Crick, appeared on behalf of the petitioner, Hannah Webb, formerly Browe and Mr.

Wade and Mr. Whitfeld, instructed by Mr. E. R. Abigail, for the respondent, George Henry Webb.

In this snit he petitioner sought a dissolution of her marriage with the respondent on the ground of cruelty. Cross ismes were tiled on behalf of the respondent alleging adultery and drunkenness against the petitioner anil petitioner had issues added as to whether respondent had condoned tho adultery (if any), whether he had connived at it (if it took place), whether he had condoned the matrimonial offences (it any) mentioned Prisoner's previous record was then announced, aud it was shown that he had started a serious criminal career in 18U5, and been sentenced to 117 years' imprisonment for various offences Binco. By getting i-AmiMinrm nf sentence through eood behaviour in ring to the occupation of tho Australian Gaslight Company of tho sites of terminated special leases, Nos. 1108 and 2234, Darling Darbour, I am directed by the Secretary for Lands to request that you win x.i a rt mv intn tho Treasury Depart r.

nt IIemiletre-t siirlwro anil near lUilw.y BnJge. street. iwi rYlllI.E.-Mr. otorclMPW Anenl. l'ymhle.

nirovplT. Wnill.IAll!(A.-l)nlrS.VrViSv i.i I I boils, comf. furnished, central, JJ will accept 35. Mawilc and Wnddc-11, 72 C'reagii-Pt. OOULTHY lietruml A00 iTiMibiitln, hoine, spring van, 4-whecl wnggon, plough, hantiw, -nnoun tools, and plant, plenty wire rims, dwelling, il room.

THE DRINK PAH EXCELLENCE. Fry's Cocoa. Bo mite you get Fry's. AdTt. TO TENDER-SKrNNED MEN.

Shave with CUTI-CUHA SUAP. and before elegising tho face gently rub a bit of nUTICUIlA OINTMENT ovur the shaven part. W.i.h all ift with I1TT1I7U R.A SOAP and hit w.iter. UililiH, Standard, cheap. Thoinum, 7 Geortte-st.

Went. gaol prisoner had been eunblbd to have a tittle liberty UsT LjdHlrtl. Artist io Incandescent Shades, brilliant, light iio chimneys required. It. Held.

llSSnsscx-sl. 4 acres, lease, rent 12. Massle and WaddeU. 7-j reagn-ft. between tne sentences, nn iuiuiiikivu iui- buh-tence- ACQUITTAL.

HOCKKY and Oencial Store, taHing to gooa Thin aimple and inespensivo treatment will ninke shaving a pleasure, and prove a great comfort to those with tender, easily irritated skinvanrt as a preventive for humours of ment the sum of 605T being rent at former rates for tho years 1900 and 1901, less the sum of 115 paid on the lBt instant on account of expnxd special lease. No. 2234, for 1900. It is desired' that the lS-ttrreive immediate attention." The amount HARBOUl; frontages, Dawson F.t., Drummoyne, on1 (iroiind.TO-.MOllUOW.Sat.Tickel'. It.

Ltd. VJI mocx, tiiw, open tooiicr. zuuivKii-t, STATE Agency, good position, leading snbT, Kor CoDtinuaUon ee Index lo AdwrtocnKM- the respondent's issues. SMiHir-cnnstable Dunshea. stationed at West Mait James Riven pleaded not guilty to a charge ihf-nnir ffianas wnicn rive riae uj naroora iico, uminh i tier for drink, and witnaaa snoke to hut Wife about it.

'or ConHmiatioti we Index to AdvertiMtnenu. lake rartaer ot sen om. Appiy uenuine, iicww. I Itch, and many forma of cneata. Advt.

of having, on September 18, at Sydney, broken She abused him for doing so. Just after the girl land. continued nis evidence. He said that on the as paid by the Gas Company on January 31, 1901, 3 ID PER PACKET OF 10. 1 at j.


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