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Hallow sisters,

Long time no talk. Sorry for MIA for so long. Since the start of this year, one male col who is so many years my senior has kind of earmarked me as his competitor, everytime he walk passes my workstation, he will be sure to investigate what I am doing, even has the check to read from my screen, ta bo leh tahan!! Like Liz suggested, I must go and fine the filter screen to safeguard my privacy..

That is the right mentality for BD, don’t expect any returns, me too, me too

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I planning to go somewhere in May when I can take a full stretch of holiday for about 7 days. Still thinking. I want to go to a relaxing place like phu*ket or even consider Maldives because read that with the current rate of global warming, in 50 years time, places like Maldives might go under the sea and be history. So asking hubby to do some research on where to go now..

Rostrum, you are right, NUH will not come open on Sunday for any procedure if it the egg growth requires. It is either down earlier on Sat or on Mon. I agree that this is a shortcoming because it sort of compromises on the optimization of the egg growth. However, if you still want to with NUH, maybe take the mentality that the “the egg will cross the bridge when it reaches it”.

Heeehehee..I don’t know if I look young but yes, yes, I try to have keep have dreams to keep the soul young and always thriving. Once your baby arrives, I am sure you will rekindle those childhood moments all over again. My friend who has a very cheeky daughter always tell me that her daughter keeps her very young and now she is really the expert of the latest cartoon character in town!..when your baby arrives, trust me, you will be the most determined and loving and cute mum

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For part-time maid, you want to consider Gan’s. Hers sound very reasonably priced and also hardworking.

You are still working normal hours right? If you are, try to take little breaks by resting at your table. If very difficult to lie down, just closing eyes for 10 minutes could help a lot. And try to go to bed 1 hour earlier and sleep more on weekends. Yeah, you are right, duphaston can give side effects like fatigue and nauseous ness but the benefit is that it helps to relaxes the womb.

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Thrilled to hear that you can see baby…how many weeks are you right now? I know some people actually use their handphone to take video of the baby scan and heartbeat..very nice to do that

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Yes, I heard a lot of good feedback about Adrian Woodworth and also of course the fact that he is super busy. One grapevine gossip about him is that his wife had a few mcs before and so he is very compassionate and caring compared to a lot of doctors. Think you made the right choice.

When you are more settled down after your first trimester, when we arrange any meeting, we let you know?

When you reach 33 (nice number), you can also buy something nice for yourself, still thinking now and then got something nice to look forward hor, I thinking of what I will buy myself when I reach 35 liao..heheee…maybe I very childish but I always try to think of excuses to buy this buy that…

Wow, you really know Bangkok very well, the last time I was there, was at least five years ago. That was the first city hubby and myself first traveled to when we were dating, so well tell ourselves that one day, we will go there and relive those days of dating time.

Wah, you “ti qing” history is so happening one. Looks like Bangkok is really the paris of the east, full of romantic memories for many..Pls enjoy your trip to phu*ket, I enjoy you, think I am long overdue for a holiday..

Wei, you really have great advice for how to handle probing colleagues, I will also ask for your advice whenever I face these colleagues…heeeee..

When you start your cycle, provided you want to share with us, we will be rooting for you.

Hey Noi, are have you been

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? When we arrange to meet up next, we let you know so if you free, you come?

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Actually after all these trials of up and downs like you have described, I have decided to take it easy for a while and maybe try natural see how see. Meanwhile, seeing the determination you have shown, I feel braver and encouraged by your spirit.

Welcome back from Korea

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How was skiing? I never tried skiing as always here that it is easy to fall down and sprain here and there. How was it for you? If you tell me its ok, maybe it can boost my confidence such that I will also go and learn when I go to Japan end of the year.

Like what the sisters said, when you colleagues ask you, or your boss, tell them you going for surgery to correct some cysts ...and next, quickly say something like “thanks very much, I will take care” in a sure and firm tone. After that, change subject or walk away. Don’t give them a chance to ask further.

If you have not been taking too many HL or sick leave all these while, I suggest that you go ahead and take your HL for these 2WW. Otherwise, you will feel very shortchanged. Also, Gan is right, lets suppose that you really BFP after the 2WW, during pregnancy, its very common that you might even have to take some leave when you feel too tired to go to work, so its better to conserve your annual leave for such future needs. Don’t have to feel bad k, HL is our entitlement and deep down, you know that its taken for a very valid reason. Go ahead and take it and not feel bad at all.

Same as Gan, we will be rooting for you

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Sunflower Seed,
Huggzzzz and huggzzzz….Sunflower, I am very proud of you really, from the bottom of my heart and such strong spirit, will and unbeatable courage, I am sure you will have the last laugh eventually. And as your name says, you will always be our Sunflower.

Although I don’t know you in person, I can sense you have a great personality and most importantly, have a very kind heart. Our belief in you is a living proof. And right now, please give yourself the full license to be angry at everything, the society, the hospital, the religion, the people who look down on the people who don’t have smooth conception or pregnancy, on everyone. Be very angry and indulge in been good just to yourself. But overtime, as the wound heals, I am sure you will find the balance again, and the ability to embrace the things you want to embrace.

Remember k Sunflower, you did what you could, what is humanly ever possible. Tell yourself this, even if you would to check early in the hospital, the progesterone might have already fallen. The last thing you should do now is to blame yourself. You really did what you could and we are all very very proud of you, your will, your caringness about those around you. All these sufferings are totally unjustified but I am sure your caringness and that good heart will not go unnoticed in due time.

Childless Not By Choice Group (2024)


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